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Through its production plant in China and another currently opening in Indonesia, GANAMA Ltd has been producing garden furniture for the market for several years. Until now it has worked mainly as a sub-supplier for various Western companies with its own sector brand.
The purchase of the Italian SKAEMA® brand, known for its design-oriented products, means that GANAMA Ltd will be present directly on international markets. To guarantee SKAEMA® the continuity of its founders' mission (expressed in its slogan "Design and Feelings") 59 INVEST has established a business agreement with the Italian company Patio Design Srl, involved in R&D and Industrial Design, which will use its skills to develop all the new collections and individual products. Design will be the prerogative of its Style Department and partnerships with leading designers in the sector.
GANAMA Ltd has also signed an agreement with Gianfranco Amadardo, co-founder of the SKAEMA® brand, for consultancy for Asian markets in production methods, R&D, marketing and export. This partnership will ensure international management standards.
GANAMA Ltd will continue its activity as a sub-supplier of garden furniture and umbrellas for all those clients who want to take advantage of its years of experience, including its new direction in design-oriented products.
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