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International Purchaising Office

The team

Jenny Mo - Michael Chen - Alice Shu - Katy Yu

The GANAMA Ltd team has many years of experience and is able to offer clients an IPO (International Purchasing Office) in the garden furnishing sector to search for and identify accredited suppliers.
Our Team supports clients in all the purchasing phases:

  • Searching for suppliers;
  • Research into product categories and specific models ;
  • Analysis of client designs and acting as a technical interlocutor with sub-suppliers for ODM and OEM products;
  • Basic purchase contracts;
  • Overall purchase contracts with legal support;
  • Quality Control in all phases of product development and industrialisation. Checks on conformity of applied materials;
  • Deciding on packaging with the client, checks on material used and development of packaging;
  • Support for logistics and communication with carriers ;
  • About us

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